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Cybergraphix, Inc. is an Ohio-based creative production company that specializes in cost-effective solutions.

As a full-service production and design company, we offer solutions in Interactive Media, Website Design & Development, eManuals, and Graphic Design, to name a few.

We provide services such as iPhone/Android App Design, Flash development, HTML5 development, 2D animation and other forms of interactive media.

We also offer competitive rates on Document Imaging and Scanning, and Document Conversion services. We service Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Medina, Ashland, Wooster, Mansfield, and all areas in between. Out of state? Out of the country? No problem, we have clients all around the world.

Our diverse set of skills and 24-year record of success set us apart from other creative and production agencies.

Whatever your needs are, Cybergraphix can find a solution for you. Give us a call or email today to set up a free consultation.

What We Do

Our Clients

  • McGraw-Hill Education

    For over 16 years, Cybergraphix has provided a multitude of services including graphic design, document creation, document conversion, file optimization, as well as full-scale development and production of high-end commercial products such as ConnectED, TeacherWorks and StudentWorks.

    McGraw-Hill Education Website

  • Rockwell Automation

    Cybergraphix worked with Rockwell to convert all of their technical product documentation to a new authoring system without missing any deadlines or having any downtime while waiting on manuals to be converted. The process involved tens of thousands of pages for numerous authors. Visit our document conversion page to learn more.

    Rockwell Automation Website

  • MTD Products

    When MTD needed to capture warranty claim data from its multi-state dealer network, they turned to Cybergraphix to handle over 10,000 forms per week, gathering product information, part numbers, quantities and pricing to ensure that their dealers were reimbursed in a timely manner.

    Check out our Data Entry, Conversion, and Processing Services page for more information.

    MTD Products Website

  • Giant Food Stores

    Nutritionists at Giant Food Stores wanted a Web-based resource that educates kids ages 6 to 10 about nutritious eating and healthy lifestyles. Cybergraphix provided the Character Design, Video, and Animation Services to produce this well-received product.

    Giant Food Stores Website

  • School Specialty

    From pre-press to conversion from legacy applications to capturing data from old printed publications, Cybergraphix has produced numerous children’s educational publications for School Specialty. Quickly and cost-effectively. Visit our Document Composition and Conversion page to learn more.

    School Specialty Website

  • West Virginia Symphony Orchestra

    We developed a couple of musical education products that include a full animated story complete with a musical score composed by the West Virginia Symphony. Children could both learn about music as well as be entertained by the story. We also included educational games designed to help children learn more about musical notes, instruments, and key sequences from each story. Visit our Interactive Media and Graphic Design / Illustration pages to learn more.

    West Virginia Symphony Orchestra Website


    Metso was spending a lot of money on printing and mailing promotional materials to all of its resellers. With constant product updates, many of those pieces became obsolete. So we came up with a solution to convert all of their literature to an electronic format and created an interactive CD-ROM that could be mailed or used at trade shows, as well as a corresponding web site that contained the same information. The result was less printing and mailing costs and a quicker update cycle using our short-run disc printing capabilities.

    METSO Website

  • Ohio University

    Cybergraphix worked to create multimedia E-blasts to raise awareness in alumni activities and pledge support. The use of Flash technology allowed the audience to experience much more online than what was used in the past, including snail-mail forms and letters. OU’s alumni members could interact with the multimedia, watch short films of their alma mater, and contribute pledges with a click of a button online. View an example of our work for OU on the Interactive Media page.

    Ohio University Website

  • Timmy's Town Center

    Timmy's Town Center (TTC) is a private, not-for-profit organization formed to create a children's museum. Over time and through relevant interactive, hands-on and minds-on changing exhibits and programs, TTC helps young visitors, their families and their caregivers discover what it means to live in, care for and sustain a healthy community. It was our privledge to produce a 30 spot commercial for them, seen on the Animation Page.

    Timmy's Town Center Website

Who We Are

We’re not about buzzwords...

We’re about getting things done quickly and efficiently.

Isn’t that what we all want for our businesses?

Cybergraphix, Inc. was founded in 1992 with the goal of finding simple, economical solutions to everyday business needs. While many other companies take a simple problem, make it complex, then tell you how they’ll help you manage the problem, Cybergraphix believes that virtually every problem has a very basic solution.

Our team has a very diverse set of skills that can help you to improve your company’s performance and reduce your costs leading to increased profits and a much

With all of the business-related services we offer, you would think that all we do is work on complicated, technical projects. You’d be wrong. While our primary focus is on meeting your business needs, we also have a variety of entertaining products and skills that aren’t always seen in the ordinary business world.

We have a multitude of other areas of expertise: interactive cartoons, caricatures, stories, and games to name a few.

For business...for education... or just for fun... we have something for everyone!

We have a 22-year track record of success. Since 1992, we've developed a unique skill set which has been constantly evolving based on our clients' needs. In that time, we've found how to work quickly and efficiently. Let us put that to work for you.


The Many Hats We Wear

We're a wonderful mix of geek and creative with great solutions for your business. We're the well-roundedest, hat-wearingest company in Northeast Ohio!

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Our headquarters is nestled comfortably between Cleveland, Akron and Columbus, Ohio.

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